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Book Review: Little Fires Everywhere by Celest Ng

This story about family took so much patience and understanding to read, so don't go into this lightly. And I mean that in the most positive of ways. I loved this novel. I read it slowly, like a decadent dessert because I wanted to savor every detail. 

Mrs. Richardson, Mia, Mrs. McCullough, BeBe, these are all women who try and illustrate what it means to be a mother and the sacrifices that we make to take care of our children. 

The book opens with a literal fire and so immediately the title makes sense but the more I read, the more I realized that it was merely a metaphor for the internal fires that burned inside so many of the characters. Every one of them were wrestling with secrets, decisions, fights and emotions that made me truly think about what it would be like to be in their shoes. 

There are too many narratives for me to put it all into a nutshell of a review so I will try and explain here why you should read it instead of give a synopsis. 

Read this book because of the intricate details of lives that are so entangled, it's addicting to find out how they will ever make sense.

Read this because you must find out the answers to so many questions:

Where did Mia come from and what is she always running away from? 

What is wrong with Izzy? 

What happened before the fire? 

Who took that photo of Mia and baby Pearl? 

I think that the story of motherhood-each woman's journey into it, around it, through it- is so intimate that it must have been an arduous task for Celeste Ng to write so authentically about so many different mothers' experiences. 

Read it because it's rich, beautifully written, honest and thought-provoking. 

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Show Us Your Books: August

Show Us Your Books:

I promised myself I would not forget to link up with Steph and Jana today so I listed all my books weeks ago and guess what? I still forgot to come back and write more about the books! So for now, I am just going to list them for the sake of time. 

Short summary: Gather The Daughters and Fierce Kingdom were my favorite. See What I Have Done was meh. 

Gather The Daughters by Jennie Melamed

One of Us is Lying by Karen MacManus 
Mrs. Fletcher by Tom Perrotta 
Fierce Kingdom by Gin Phillips
Class Mom by Laurie Gelman 
Are You Sleeping by Kathleen Barber 
The Necklace by Claire McMillan 
The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman  
See What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt 
Once and For All by Sarah Dessen

Book Review: Lie to Me

Lovers of grit lit, take notice. You must put Lie to Me by J.T. Ellison on your list: 

There have been so many gritty, heart stopping thrillers out lately and I can't get enough of them. This one didn't disappoint. If you loved Gone Girl, The Girl on The Train, The Breakdown, The Couple Next Door and All is Not Forgotten then you will love this one too. 

This is domestic noir at its best. It's about the disintegration of a marriage with everything that goes with that: grief, jealousy, betrayal... they all lead to a tragedy that destroys the facade of the perfect literary couple. 

Here's the synopsis from the publisher: 

Sutton and Ethan Montclair's idyllic life is not as it appears. They seem made for each other, but the truth is ugly. Consumed by professional and personal betrayals and financial woes, the two both love and hate each other. As tensions mount, Sutton disappears, leaving behind a note saying not to look for her. 
Ethan finds himself the target of vicious gossip as friends, family and the media speculate on what really happened to Sutton Montclair. As the police investigate, the lies the couple have been spinning for years quickly unravel. Is Ethan a killer? Is he being set up? Did Sutton hate him enough to kill the child she never wanted and then herself? The path to the answers is full of twists that will leave the reader breathless.

Are you hooked yet? If that description doesn't seal the deal, I'll tell you a little more. I loved the writing style because it's short and to the point. The pace may seem a little frantic but that's what gives the story a frenzied feel that makes you desperate to keep reading. There are so many questions that you need answers to. And just when you think you've found the answers, there's a twist that you won't see coming. I love the characters because Ellison makes it hard to love them, let alone trust them. But you still can't help but hang on their every word. 

4 Stars- Pick up a copy today! 
Thank you to TLC Book Tours for my copy of Lie To Me.