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Book Review: Emma In the Night

Isn't there a great sense of relief when an author you love comes out with a new book and you know without even reading the synposis that you're going to love it? That's how I feel about Wendy Walker. I loved All Is Not Forgotten so much. Christopher and I both read it and it was so great to talk about it together.

I was thrilled when I heard that Wendy published a new book, Emma in the Night. If you follow me on Instagram, you know by now that I read it non-stop and found it just as thrilling as AINF. The greatest element of these two thrillers is that Wendy's narrators are unreliable, yet you find yourself hanging on their every word. It's unnerving but addicting. 

The tension had me literally hanging on every word, even when those word didn't quite match up. 

Before I tell you more about Emma in the Night, check out this awesome book trailer from St. Martins Press:

Cass Tanner arrives home, three years after she and her sister Emma disappear. Everyone- her parents, her stepfather, siblings and the investigators on her case are all riveted by the story that she tells. They listen as she tells a tale that her sister is alive, there is a baby being held captive on an isolated island and many other torrid details.

But the scariest things that Cass knows are what she isn't telling them. There are family secrets that you will have a hard time believing, only because by the time Cass gets around to telling them, every one in the story seems to be lying to cover up their own dark sides.

It's thrilling, riveting and super twisted. Pick up a copy now! 


So what's been happening around here? General panic because...because it's AUGUST already... the kids start school in 2 weeks...and they have lost all sense of time. I mentioned that we needed to start a routine again. You know, I said, "bedtimes, regular reading time, brushing our hair." General human things. They looked at me like I had  grown horns. Which is pretty normal so I guess maybe we do have a routine? I tell them to do something and they just stare? Yup. Pretty normal! 

But when things are calm, I do things like read and watch Netflix with the hubs so here's what's been going on lately... 

Currently reading: Pretend We Are Lovely by Noley Reid- I found this in the Book Riot Insiders catalog and immediately knew it was something I wanted to read. It's written with numerous characters' points of views about the Soley family: Tate, Francie and their two daughters Vivvi and Enid. It's the 1980s in Blacksburg, Virginia, seven years after the tragic and suspicious death of a son and sibling. Each one tells their version of what their lives were like the day that their son and brother, Sheldon, died. Here's the catch: they are all different. Even the lives they are living when the others aren't paying attention are different from what they appear. It's sad and intimate and moves quickly. I'm really enjoying it. 

Currently listening to on audiobook: I just finished The Party by Robyn Hardin last week and headed to the library today for my next one. 
Currently listening to: Stevie Nicks, all day every day. 
Currently eating: Anything I can make in my new Instant Pot that I scored on Amazon Prime Day. It's positively magical. I've saved some recipes to my Instant Pot Recipes board on Pinterest, so if you have any suggestions, leave a link to your Pinterest saves in the comments! 
Currently drinking: Iced tea. I've managed to kick my Diet. Dr. Pepper habit (almost) to the curb thanks to brewing tea and always keeping it in the fridge. 
Currently watching: Ozark on Netflix. Jason Bateman, you have my whole heart. Not to mention, I love that it's set in Missouri (even though I feel like they try to take the "hicks" characterization a bit far. Not every one that lives at the Lake of the Ozarks has missing teeth and is rude and miserable). I mean, there are some probably, but not all. Christopher and I have been in a huge slump since watching all of Shameless, I am so glad we finally found a show to binge together. 
Currently opened tabs: Goodreads, Pinterest, Netgalley, Facebook
Currently on my book to-buy list: Are You Sleeping just shipped, so I am pumped about that and next weekend I am headed to the Kansas City Library's City Market book sale and to Rainy Day books so I've got a couple I am on the look out for: The Alice Network, Girl in the Snow, Gather The Daughters, and The Shark Club 
Currently adding to my Goodreads TBR list: Basically everything I just listed. I'm also awaiting a review copy of See What I Have Done that I'm excited about.
Currently recommending: I just sent my sister home with Siracusa, which I still recommend a lot because it's a great mix of mysterious, romance and travel. 
Currently talking about on the blog: I've had some time to add quite a few reviews lately, but my favorite to share most has been my round up of current must reads and my review of The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand
I was inspired for this post by Jamie at The Perpetual Page-Turner, so check out her post too, she's got some great book recommendations! 

What are you currently loving, reading, doing? 

Book Review: The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand

If you are looking for a great summer read that is light and airy but still intriguing enough to be a page-turner, this is it. Take a vacation to Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard in this family saga. 

Tabitha and Harper Frost are estranged identical twins who have lived separate lives in an unconventional way: upon their parents' divorce, Harper went to one island with her father and Tabitha went to the other with their mother.  When their father passes away and Tabitha's teenage daughter heads down a dangerous path, the two sisters must come together to help each other, even though this means facing painful pasts and potentially uncovering secrets, they both know what they have to do.

That part of the story- the estrangement, the past, their parents lives...that is all just one layer. On top of that you also get glorious details about life on Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. The descriptions of the weather, the elaborate homes, the majestic islanders, the clothes, the food... it was like reading from a rich cookbook with recipes on how to live the good life.

Did I mention there is also steamy secret affairs, drool worthy fashion, home remodeling and lots of cocktails mixed in? See what I mean?! 

It's a must for your summer reading list! If you've read it, tell me what you think! If you want more beachy reads, check out The Forever Summer, The Sunshine Sisters, Hello, Sunshine and The Arrangement